This Canadian fivesome from Montreal began its existence in spring 1996. Once the decision to leave the covers scene had been taken, the band seriously started to write original material. With a strong concern about being unconventional, the members of Silent Exile blended musical complexity, melodic songwriting, emotive playing and thoughtful lyrics in a manner of their own. Although their sound is hardly categorizable, it seems, as a simple reference, that the expression "Progressive" reflects best Silent Exile's musical approach. Progressive as the songs have been built-up in order to let a large space for instrumental lines, but also because all the instruments contribute equally to the musical result. The music of Silent Exile carries its listeners through atmospheric, metal and orchestral environments while continuously maintaining its focus on melodies. The ensemble thus presents an amazingly accessible and coherent character which is complimented by richly textured arrangements.

After two years working hard on the first album, the members of Silent Exile decided to assume the entire project and to put the time required for a good production. From August to November 1999, the band did the recording and mixing of Dancing With Death with the collaboration of sound engineer Claude Paré. The result turned out to be very satisfactory and opened the gate to a huge promotion campaign.

Dancing With Death has been acclaimed in more than 80 magazines, webzines and other fanzines coming from all over the world. These reviews allowed Silent Exile to extend its popularity and to sign many agreements for the distribution of this first opus, which is now available in countries such as the United States, France, Germany and Italy.

During the years 2000 and 2001, Silent Exile shared the scene with a dozen premiere musical formations among which stand Nightwish, Symphony X and Planet X. All these events brought character, insurance and experience to the young band and indeed truly proved that Silent Exile delivered the goods during their live shows.

Taking advantage of three years of learning and evolution, the members of Silent Exile are now completing the writing of their second album. This release, which is expected for the end of the year 2005, should display the result of an ever growing symbiosis within the group.


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