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Axiom Of Choice Nightfall In Metal Earth 
Caladan  OUAS
La fontaine de Salmacis Perpetual Motion 
Colossus  Pilgrim World
DPRP Prog Rock And Prog Metal 
Dweeb Metal Progart
Édition Métallique  Progjet 
Euphony Online Prog-Pt
AOR Website Prog-Résiste
French Connection Progressia
Galileo Records  Progressive World
Guitar 2001 ProgVisions 
Guitar Noise Reflektionen
Vous Avez Dit Metal Progressif?  Rock Report
Heavy Metal Mania Satan Stole My Teddybear
Progressive Pages Scream Magazine 
Musique Progressive Dynamique Dark Dimension
Edge Of Time Musically Incorrect
Level 11 Spirit Of Radio
The Metal list Strutter
The Metallist Portal Music Extreme
Melodic Rock Fan Page  Tears Of Metal
Metal Earthquake Rock Reunion
Metal Media  The Metal's Den
Metal Rules The Missing Piece
Metal Search The Progressive corner
Prognosis The Progressive files
Musik and sich Underground Zine Scene
More Than Music Schweres-metall.de 
Obliveon magazine   Metal Coven
 Theater Of Symphony Shouts Of Metal
Metal To Infinity Melodic Hard Rock Today
Progressive Waves Dark dimension II

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